Arizona Auto Insurance

The Grand Canyon State, a land of deserts and forests, mountains and awe inspiring views, the state of Arizona is a beautiful place to travel and explore. Ensuring that you possess the proper coverage for your Arizona auto insurance is just the first step in your journey to discover the wonders that Arizona possesses. It is best to ensure that before hitting the road to explore all there is to see, the first thing you should do is ensure you are aware of all the insurance requirements are met for your car.

What You Should Have?

Many people from all over the United States, and even the world, travel to Arizona to either establish residency or simply to visit. Insurance is a major thing for anyone who is out on the roads, and it is best to ensure you have all of your automotive insurance needs met first when registering and insuring your vehicle in this wonderful state. The first thing you should do when looking to insure your vehicle here is show proof of residency. This can simply be that you have a job in Arizona, are registered to vote, have been here for 7 months or more, paying in-state tuition for yourself or your child, own a business here and possess vehicles within the state. You should also have your vehicle tested for emissions and registered to drive and insure your vehicle as well.

Insurance Options

While you have many options as to which company you can use for your Arizona auto insurance, Arizona is one of the few states that requires drivers to show financial responsibility in the case of an accident that causes damage. You have two options when asked to show this financial proof, first your proof of insurance or a certificate that can be provided by the Office of the Arizona State Treasurer for proof of a $40,000 deposit in your bank account. Either of these can be considered proof of insurance as you are only required to possess liability insurance or keep at least $40,000 in your bank account at all times to ensure damages are paid in the event of an accident. If you cannot procure one of the two options for insurance, you can lose your license and vehicle registration for up to 3 months and pay at least $250 in fines for your first offense. If you are caught more than once without insurance these penalties will only become more severe.